Solar is the most crucial source, through which we can get benefits and move away from the tension to pay high electricity bills. A few vital elements of solar are; solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries. Solar panels are the backbone of the solar system.

Availability of LED Iin PREMIER ENERGY (PVT) LTD:

Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd imports lights and provides them to the customer for their easiness. As lights are available in many forms, such as LED flood lights, LED spotlights, LED rope lights, and LED downlights, but here we are paying attention and considering LED street lights of 60W and LED street lights of 120W. First, we will discuss LED lights.

LED Working:

LED means “Light Emitting Diode”. There are two semiconductor materials; namely N-type and P-type. The N-type consists of electrons, while the p-type consists of holes. There is a connection between an N-Type semiconductor having a negative charge and to P-type semiconductor having a positive charge. The passage of electrons into extra holes emits light. In the case of the conversion of PV cells into electric current, there will be two cases that happen. One of them is the situation when the presence of light results in no resistance. Second is the situation that provides high resistance when there is no light.

Features of Lights of 60 Watt:

Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd provides LED lights of 60 Watts, which have the features of a luminous flux of 6600lm, with a beam angle which is 140*8, CCT is 6500K and light voltage is AC100-277V. These lights are durable and used in many applications, along with they are environmentally friendly. The advantage of using these lights is that these lights replace traditional light and the installation of lights is easy. Lights are competent to provide maximum efficiency in the long term, along with saving energy.

Features of  Lights of 120Watt:

Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd also provides lights of 120Watt, which have the attributes of no emission of UV & IR radiations. LED lights of 120 Watts are more efficient and minimize the consumption of energy. Considering the qualities of LED light 120 Watt are, a luminous flux of 13200Im, color temperature of 6500K, beam angle of 140*80, and diameter of the socket is 60mm. These lights are made by material of aluminum, with an input voltage of AC 100-277V 50/60Hz, power factor of PF>0,9, operation of -40 – + 50 C, warranty of 5 years, and life span of 5000h, color rending index of CRI>80
and ingress protection of IP65. A vital attribute of both lights is that they are highly efficient, with a high power factor.

Solar Panel Impact  on LED Lights:

Solar panels and solar batteries are necessary for the working of LED lights. LED lights work with the solar panel due to the reasons of; enhancing brightness of LED lights, high visibility, and working in remote areas.

Comparison of LED Lights with Traditional Lights:

Battery backup is the most prominent feature that makes solar LED street lights more beneficial than traditional lights. LED street lights are easy to install, environmentally friendly, and have a battery backup as well, resulting in cost savings.

Working  Mechanism of LED Lights:

The working mechanism of LED lights is that sunlight hits solar panels, then PV (photovoltaic cells) emerge, and the current generated through the solar panel is stored as chemical energy that charges the battery. The battery then uses energy to power the LED. When there are dark hours, the diode work by passing the electron from one side to another side.

LED Benefits:

The benefits of LED lights are that there they have safe installation along with cost-effective solutions. The brightness of LED lights is more than traditional lights. Comparing the life of LED lights with traditional lights, it is derived that LED lights have a long life. The look of LED is simple and elegant, so LED lights provide a beautiful look at night time. The maintenance cost of LED lights is low, and the reason behind this is that solar panels’ working depends on the sun. The demand for solar LED lights is increasing in Pakistan due to high electricity bills and is especially for those areas which are far away from the grid, and especially for industrial sectors as well.

LED lights are reliable as they are good, along with, they are weatherproof and so the weather in every situation can’t have a terrible impact on these lights.

Light Installation:

Installation of lights is easy, along with modern technology. People prefer solar LED lights due to the above features as well, and the price of solar LED lights is reasonable. People in many countries like Pakistan are using and enjoying the benefits of these solar LED lights. Solar LED lights provide a green solution.


In short, we can’t neglect the importance of LED lights, as these are crucial for people to save money by paying lower electricity bills. LED light doesn’t depend on the grid and these lights are highly affordable, so a person with a low income can easily purchase these lights and enjoy their benefits. In today’s circumstances, we can’t neglect the importance of LED street lights because of their advantages.


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