Led Lights and Their Working:

LED means light emitting diode. It is utilized in electronic devices such as mobile phones and boards of advertisements. Basically LED device results in light emission in the form of the flow of electric current. When there is the passage of electric current, there is a combination of electrons with holes. LED current works both in the forward direction and backward direction. LED lights have a junction that if forward biased, results in the emission of colored light when there is semi-conductor material used along with doping. There is the passage of electrons (which are a minority) from n → p, and in the case of holes (which are a minority), the passage is from n → p. There is an increment of minority carriers’ concentration at the boundary of the junction, as a result, these carriers recombine with the charge carriers which are in majority.

Led Lights by Primer Energy (Pvt.) Ltd:

Premier Energy (Pvt.) Ltd provides LED lights. It imports light from china and then lights are stored in the warehouse. Warehouse of Primer Energy (Pvt.) Ltd is in the proper location and has sufficient space along with, proper management. The staff of the warehouse is trained.

There are a variety of LED lights. Some of these lights are bulbs, tube lights, flood lights, rope lights, spotlights, street lights, and solar lamps. We will discuss all lights one by one.

Premier LED Bulbs:

Primer energy (Pvt) Ltd is providing Premier LED bulb 5Watt (cool white, warm white), Premier LED bulb 7Watt (cool white, warm white), and Primer LED bulb 9Watt (Cool white, Warm white). The flux of bulbs is; 350LM, 550 LM, and 810 LM respectively. The input voltage of bulbs is AC220-240V 50/60Hz, rated life is 15 years (25000Hrs), based on up to 8 hours of daily operation.

The life span of bulbs is 25.000h and the instant start of no warm-up.

Bulbs are immune to crashes and vibrations thanks to modern semiconductor technology with bulbs fully comply with environmental protection,
are free of quicksilver hardly, UV, and infrared radiation, and up to nearly 100% recyclable. The estimated energy cost of bulbs is “As low as Rs.100 per year” and the estimated energy saving is up to Rs. 3000 per year.

Premier LED Tube Light:

There are two types of LED tube lights. One of them is Premier LED Tube Light 18W (T8-4 Feet –cool white) and the second one is Premier LED Tube Light 18W with fixing (T8-4 Feet-Cool White). Let’s discuss the features of both lights.

Premier LED Tube Light 18W (T8-4 Feet–cool white) has Item: DZNS185726-12R-C10, rated current: 148mA, rated voltage: 220-240V, rated frequency: 50/60Hz LED chip power: 96*0.2W/LED module, color temperature: 5700 and rated power of 18W.

Premier LED Tube Light 18W with fixing (T8-4 Feet-Cool White) has Item: DZT185726-12R- C10, rated current: 148mA, color temperature: 5700K, rated frequency: 50/60Hz, rated voltage: 220-240V, LED chip power: 80*0.2W/LED and module rated power: 18W.

Premier LED Flood Light:

LED flood light is a soft light. It is a cold lighting source, has no harmful metal mercury, 80% reduce consumption of power, long life span, high reliability, 80% less consumption of power, and design that is novel, elegant, and beautiful, along with, lighting features that are modern, easy to install, adjust and 80% energy saving. LED fold lights are available in 50W (cool white, warm white) and 100W (cool white, warm white). LED flood light 50W (cool white, warm white) beam Angle: 120 and MEAS: 29.0*26.0*8.0 CM. LED flood light 100W (cool white, warm white) beam Angle: 120 and MEAS: 31.5*29.5*11.0 CM.

LED Rope Light:

LED Rope light color, voltage, and light purchase depend on the availability of light, which means which model is available. The Meas of light is 33*33*15.5 CM.

Premier LED Spot Light:

Premier LED Spot Light 2W (V4 Series- Warm White) has item no of MSD01-D02X-30D/30/W/J02, color temperature of 3000K, rated voltage: 220-240V, and rated frequency of Rated Voltage: 220-240V Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz 50/60Hz.

Premier LED Down Light:

Premier downlights are available in both 4W and 10W. Premier LED down Light 4W (2.5Inch-Cool White) has Item: MTD1025B04-57/W/J02, color temperature: 5700K, rated voltage: 220-240V, and rated frequency: 50/60Hz.

Premier LED down Light 10W (Cool White) has Item no of MTD1040B10-65/W/B03, color temperature of 6500, rated voltage: 220-240V, and rated frequency of 50/60Hz.

Premier LED Down Light 10W (Warm White) has item no of MTD1040B10-30/W/B03, color temperature of 3000K rated voltage of 220-240V and rated frequency of 50/60Hz

Premier LED Street Light:

Primer LED street light is available in both Premier LED Street Light 60W (Cool White) and Premier LED Street Light 120W (cool white).

Attributes of Premier LED street light are, Luminous Flux: 6600lm, CCT: 6500K, beam angle: 140*80, and voltage: AC100-277V.

Premier LED Street Light 120W (cool white) has the following features.

  • Luminous flux of 13200 lm
  • The color temperature of 6500K
  • The beam angle of 140*80
  • The diameter of the socket is 60mm
  • Material is aluminum
  • Input voltage is AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
  • The power factor is PF>0,9
  • Operation temperature is -40 – + 50 C
  • The warranty is 5 years
  • Life span is 50 000h
  • The color rendering Index is CRI>80
  • Ingress protection is IP65

Premier-S Panel Lamp:

Premier-S Panel Lamp 1*4 36W-WW has Item no of MPB36D6060-30/SL/B02, color temperature: 3000K, rated voltage: 220-240V, rated frequency: 50/60Hz, weight: 12.85Kg and dimensions: 670*140*685mm.


Solar Source (Pvt.) Ltd provides bulbs and light under the umbrella of Premier Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. Solar Source (Pvt.) is a sister concern of Premier Energy (Pvt.) Ltd.

Lights manufactured by Premier Energy (Pvt.) ltd have the following features:

  • Flexibility of designs
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Eco friendly
  • Work in both warm and cool temperatures
  • Never burn fingers.

Except for the above attributes, there is a vast variety of features of LED lights as well. Choose LED light from Solar Source (Pvt.) Ltd and attain the unique benefits of lights and bulbs.


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