Solar: Solar is the most crucial source, through which we can get benefits and move away from the tension to pay high electricity bills. A few vital elements of solar are; solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries. Solar panels are the backbone of the solar system. Availability of LED Iin PREMIER ENERGY (PVT) LTD: […]


Led Lights and Their Working: LED means light emitting diode. It is utilized in electronic devices such as mobile phones and boards of advertisements. Basically LED device results in light emission in the form of the flow of electric current. When there is the passage of electric current, there is a combination of electrons with […]


Solar Panels in Pakistan

Pakistan is going through hard times and in such a time of turmoil, we are not only facing economic but energy and environmental crises as well. The energy production is affected due to the weather and the purchase of other energy producing resources such as LNG is halted due to low reserves in the State […]

What is Working Phenomena of Batteries?

Given the growing interest in energy storage technologies, it’s vital to understand how these systems operate in practice. You may decide if energy storage is the correct choice for you by understanding how energy storage systems combine with solar panel systems and the rest of your house or business. In the section below, we explain […]

LED Lights are the Source of Bright Today and Tomorrow

The most recent innovation in the lighting sector is LED lighting. By lowering the cost of electricity and overall energy use, the energy efficiency and long lifespan of LED technology hold the potential to change how businesses light up their facilities. What is LED lighting? Light-emitting diode is what it stands for. An LED is […]

Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The world is undergoing a major environmental and energy crisis. Fossil fuels remain to be the top sources for the production of electricity and running vehicles. This has led to increased prices of fuel and utility supplies because fossil fuels are limited and ending fast. Similarly, the pollution from burning fossil fuels has also deteriorated […]

Guide to Buying The Best Solar Battery For Your System

Guide To Buying The Best Solar Battery For Your System

solar battery is a gadget used to store the overabundance of electricity created for some time in the future. Solar batteries are really famous for homegrown use. Since they remain forever inseparable from solar boards, they frequently go about as backup when solar boards don’t create sufficient electricity. In any case, a great many people […]

Do Solar Panels Work At Night or on Cloudy Days?

Do Solar Panels Work At Night or on Cloudy Days

Solar Panels have surprised the world over the course of the past 10 years, and their notoriety doesn’t appear to be dialing back at any point in the near future. In fact, the number of solar installations crossed 3 million in 2021. Albeit solar systems aren’t new, their innovation actually stays a secret to many. […]

It is Shining Idea to Utilize Solar Panels

It is Shining Idea to Utilize Solar Panels Go Solar Now

However long people live on the planet, the sun will shine. So, from our stance, solar energy is actually unending in its accessibility. The sun conveys more energy to the Earth consistently than we use in a year. Moreover, solar power creates undeniably less pollution than “messy” power does when it is delivered or consumed. […]

Which one is Better? Monofacial or Bifacial Solar

Which one is Better Monofacial or Bifacial Solar

Since solar panels appeared, they have gone through different changes. With headway, an alternate class of solar panels, bifacial panels, has proactively raised a ruckus around town. The main sort – the progenitors of bifacial panels – is monofacial solar panels. In any case, the million-dollar question is the difference between monofacial and bifacial solar […]