Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The world is undergoing a major environmental and energy crisis. Fossil fuels remain to be the top sources for the production of electricity and running vehicles. This has led to increased prices of fuel and utility supplies because fossil fuels are limited and ending fast. Similarly, the pollution from burning fossil fuels has also deteriorated our environment to a point where it has become devastating. Solar energy systems are the best way to help fight these challenges as it creates free and clean electricity. Solar systems have a lot of parts that play various functions. The working of solar panels is magical in itself; however, solar inverters are one of the most crucial components of the system. There are various varieties of solar inverts in Pakistan that suit unique needs of different users. Solar Source is a whole-sale and retail provider of the best solar inverters in Pakistan.

The Best Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Pakistan has a hot and arid climate and like every other electronics product, the solar inverters in Pakistan need to be perfect according to the climate of the region. This is because if the inverters are unable to withstand the heat as they are made on the standards of colder regions, they will not be able to work properly in the summer heat. Solar Source carefully sources only the best solar inverters in Pakistan that have been tried and tested for the same climatic conditions. The list of top solar energy inverters in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Huawei solar inverters in Pakistan
  • GoodWe solar inverters in Pakistan
  • Solis solar inverters in Pakistan
  • Sungrow solar inverters in Pakistan
  • Inverex solar inverters in Pakistan

Residential Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Residential consumers are affected by load shedding and high electricity prices a lot. They feel like their peace is ruined because of the load shedding and then the bills are skyrocketing too. Solar systems are a great way to get rid of high bills and save money. Unlike solar panels that are the same for every purpose, residential solar inverters in Pakistan are different from the commercial and industrial ones. The reason is that residential solar systems are smaller and the solar inverters required to change DC into AC for these systems are also smaller. Moreover because of their use in homes, residential solar inverters need to be sleek, compact and beautiful in design. Solar Source has the perfect solar inverters for such purposes.

Commercial Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Commercial consumers are also affected by the shortage of electricity and the increasing taxes on the bills. This has cut their profit margins short and left them with lesser earnings at the end of the month. Commercial set ups such as workspaces, small factories, cold storages, shopping centers and other similar places require bigger solar systems as they need more electricity. For this reason, commercial solar inverters in Pakistan are comparatively bigger than the ones used for homes and come with more heavy-duty parts. Solar Source has a wide range of commercial solar inverters in Pakistan that can fulfill the needs of any type of business.

Industrial Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Industries have also been affected by the shortage of power supply and price hikes. Not only have their manufacturing suffered but their relationships with their clients have also suffered because of their inability to fulfill orders. The industrial sector, unlike any other sector, requires the most robust and effective solar inverters and Solar Source has just the perfect industrial solar inverters in Pakistan for all our industrial clients.

Types Of Solar Inverters in Pakistan

String Inverters

The most commonly used inverters are string inverters as they have high compatibility with the climate of Pakistan. String inverters are not only tested and trusted but inexpensive as well. In solar systems with string inverter, all solar panels are arranged and connected to wires in a series called ‘strings’. These strings are attached with a single inverter that converts DC into AC electricity. These inverters are durable and reliable in performance with high competence.

Central Inverters

Central inverters are designed for utility scale projects like solar farm. Central inverters work similarly to string inverters but with a few differences. In central inverters, the strings of solar panels are connected to a combiner box which is then linked to the inverter. The DC power produced is transferred to the power box which transfers it to the central inverter and converts into AC power.

Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are relatively new in the market and quite expensive. A separate micro inverter is attached to each solar panel individually in the system. DC power [produced by each panel is directly converted to AC power on the roof in its micro inverter and then it is sent straight to the switch board to use for home appliances.

Solar Inverters That Solar Source Offers

GoodWe Solar Inverter in Pakistan

GoodWe inverters are known for their splendid design, color and improved operational efficiency. The features of GoodWe solar inverters which have made the company successful all over the world are:

  • Maximum efficiency of up to 98.2%
  • Built-in DC switch
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-resistant protection
  • Full load output even at 45 degrees Centigrade
  • Lightweight and compact can be installed easily
  • Has multiple monitoring and communication channels including Wi-Fi Communication
  • 5-inch super large LED display
  • No Fan required
  • Silent operations
  • Appropriate for both outdoor and indoor installations
  • Provide up to 30% DC input oversizing
  • Offers up to 10 % AC output overloading
  • Comes with up to 12 MPPT outputs based on the model

Huawei Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Huawei offers smart inverters utilizing more than 30 years of their expertise in digital information technology. With artificial intelligence, Huawei inverters are one of the smartest inverters in the market which are adequate for residential, industrial and commercial projects. The most distinguishing features of Huawei are:

  • Highly efficient with maximum efficiency of 98.9% – 99%
  • 6 MPPTs for multipurpose adaptations to diverse layouts depending upon the model
  • Natural cooling technology eliminates the need for external fans
  • IP65 protection from dust and moisture
  • Anti-Islanding Shield
  • AC overcurrent Safety
  • Ability to detect residual current
  • DC and AC surge arrester Type-2 installed
  • LED indicator display
  • Bluetooth, USB and APP availability
  • Compact and stylish design with extremely silent operations
  • AFCI powered by Artificial Intelligence to lessen fire risk
  • Up to 30% higher yield from each solar panel
  • No such parts are used which wear down, and need to be replaced


Inverex Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Inverex is the largest solar brand based in Pakistan which is manufacturing solar inverters and other related equipment. The features of these inverters are as follows:

  • Maximum Efficiency 98.3% Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller Interface RS485/RS232Topology TransformlessThree Phase Operating
  • High Surge Endurance
  • Zero Export
  • High Power Factor
  • AC Connection IP65
  • IP65 Ingress Protection

Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Solis solar inverters one of the most widely installed string inverters all over the world. Solis produces unique inverters with distinguishing features making them a reliable device trusted by many. The main features of Solis on-grid solar inverter are:

  • Over 97.0% Max. efficiency
  • 200V-800V MPPT voltage range-ultra low startup
  • 0″ LCD color screen display
  • Compact and light design, easy installation
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • Anti-resonance, single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
  • RS485, Wi-Fi /LAN/GPRS interface
  • Real time monitoring
  • High switch frequency technology-
  • Smaller DRM integrated fully comply with AS47772:2015
  • Rated for external installation
  • WiFi monitoring available
  • Available in the App store for monitoring
  • Multiple protections levels
  • 5 years warranty 20 years optional upgrade


SunGrow Solar Inverter

Sungrow solar inverters are known for their sleek design and exceptional performance under all environmental conditions. They have following distinguishing features:

  • Easy and user friendly
  • 21 kg compact design
  • Unique push-in connectors
  • Fast and easy commissioning via App
  • Safe and durable
  • Quick arc fault circuit interrupter
  • Build-in Type II DC & AC SPD
  • High anti-corrosion rating C5
  • Smart management
  • Smart IV curve scanning
  • 24 / 7 Live monitoring
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Lower startup & wider MPPT voltage
  • Compatible with bifacial modules
  • Built-in PID recovery function

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